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Stained Glass in All It’s Glory

Stained Glass windows and How to Mount Them Without Using Screws,Nails, or Carpentry..Great For Renters What is a victorian home without stained glass windows. Unless you are one that is blessed with one of these sources of great beauty already installed, you will have to scour various shops and thrift stores until you find one. I have friends who create… Read more →

Woo Hoo…I Won!!

This past weekend , I attended our annual Mary Kay Career Conference. I have to admit it was inspiring and one of the best I had ever attended. In the front of the auditorium was a huge media screen upon what would flash all the names of the speakers along with brief training and motivating videos. Now , traditionally interspersed… Read more →

More About Vintage Lighting

Oh Goody, Another Chandelier a great deal at $45 ,lovely detail built the candle holder around candle screw- in base I found another chandelier!..A decorative element that is really in but thought again because of expense would never indulge in. This one is old probably early 1900’s and is gold washed brass. My husband is not fond of having large… Read more →

And There Was Light

Luscious Luminaries of Victoriana purchased from Salvation Army for $59 for 2 of these, appraised for $800 brass hand held candle holder, handle behind reflector close up of lamp below 7.99 Goodwill women made these crystal beaded covers to hide the plain bulbs of early fixtures holder not old but found great use for my depression Ruby glass goblets actually… Read more →

Can the Leopard Change His Spots…No, But I Can

Thanks to Mary Kay concealer, I can certainly hide them with minimal effort. Just a tiny dot on any skin discoloration will effectively hide those spots that appear on your face due to sun exposure etc.  It is also a great tool for toning down redness that many women are plagued with. All women young and old are plagued by… Read more →

Lord I Need Thee

I am not Joseph, facing the jailer, falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, I am not  Daniel ,facing hungry lions in their den I am not David, facing the hungry bear or roaring lion Nor am I David fighting the Philistine Giant or being  stalked by angry King Saul I’m not Jeremiah, thrown into a murky mud filled pit I’m not… Read more →

A Stroll Through Boston

Ames Hotel another Boston Adventure ,Nov 2011 Ames Hotel, Boston,Mass We decided  to take advantage of a relatively pleasant afternoon and visit the Ames Hotel. It was built for offices of the famed Ames Tool company ,who made their initial fortune by coming up with a top notch shovel,just at the beginning of industialization and the expansion west of the… Read more →

“My” Trip to Bountiful

   In April 2013 I finally made a successful trip to” The Eames Rock” as the local Framingham, Mass. news refers to it.”Traffic is backed up all the way to Eames Rock.” The Eames family except for Thomas and 4 children lost their lives here during the historical King Phillip”s War. My maiden name was Ames and DNA reveals a… Read more →

Growing Old Gracefully ! Not!!!#5

On previous blogs in the series I discussed the necessities for caring for aging skin or for any skin for that matter. I discussed cleansing, exfoliation, and toning. All 3 steps are included  in one application of Mary Kay’s innovative Timewise  Cleanser, a part of the Timewise Miracle Set, the best anti aging skin care that I have experienced.It works!… Read more →

Mantel Mania

    Victorian furniture left us with the unique and lovely heritage of the ornate mantel. They were usually mirrored and ensconced within a lovely carved frame with various sizes of shelves positioned in strategic positions on the lovely old wood. The mirrors were beveled which offers a clue if the mirror on a mantel has been replaced. Nevertheless replaced… Read more →