antique lighting

More About Vintage Lighting

Oh Goody, Another Chandelier a great deal at $45 ,lovely detail built the candle holder around candle screw- in base I found another chandelier!..A decorative element that is really in but thought again because of expense would never indulge in. This one is old probably early 1900’s and is gold washed brass. My husband is not fond of having large… Read more →

And There Was Light

Luscious Luminaries of Victoriana purchased from Salvation Army for $59 for 2 of these, appraised for $800 brass hand held candle holder, handle behind reflector close up of lamp below 7.99 Goodwill women made these crystal beaded covers to hide the plain bulbs of early fixtures holder not old but found great use for my depression Ruby glass goblets actually… Read more →