Stained Glass in All It’s Glory

Stained Glass windows and How to Mount Them Without Using Screws,Nails, or Carpentry..Great For Renters

What is a victorian home without stained glass windows. Unless you are one that is blessed with one of these sources of great beauty already installed, you will have to scour various shops and thrift stores until you find one. I have friends who create beautiful stained glass windows to order but I am unable to pay the price.
I have a challenge of mounting these windows without making holes in the wall or window frame per my husbands request.

This is a fire screen ,I added 4 stained wood pieces with liqid nails to form a frame to attach the screw eyes,also cup hooks work well.

This method of installing is quick, simple and quite secure. First you must purchase 3  spring loaded curtain rods tension rods) that will fit the window. Screw screw eyes on each side of the stained galss window eqidistant on the top, middle and bottom of the frame. Place tension rods securely in window and secure them to the sained glass window through the screw eyes with zip ties and shazaaam your stained glass is in place to the enjoyment of all.
the middle window was a $30purchase from Salvation Army and the bottom one was $100 from Tuesday Morning.

Another addition to my dining room was this beautiful folding etched glass screen. I mounted  small wheels on the bottom so they could be opened or closed.There were 2 bifold sections so I secured the section closest to the frame of the window in the same manner that I secured the Stained glass,allowing the 2 center panels to be free for opening or closing. My dining room windows are paneled so I try to align the tension rods along the panel frames so as to not be too noticeable when the screen is open.I really enjoy this window! The real benefit for renters is that you can take them with you when you move.

  I really need to include one more window created by my  son and daughter inlaw and hung in the traditional manner.

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