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The Farm of My Ancestors

This is the home I spent most of my formative years in. My Grandma Ames lived there with my Aunt Donna, my Uncles and Great Grandfather Motimer Managan. The home was built by Mortimer’s wealthy brother in New Orleans, founder and co-owner of Krause Managan Lumber Co. in New Orleans…still in existence today as K and M Lumber.(This is another… Read more →


Some of the happiest memories I have are growing up in rural Pennsylvania on the family farm. Carved out of the woods of Pennsylvania hills just a few miles north of Williamsport, Pa. near Mansfield. Scenic and idyllic with it’s rolling hills and pastoral landscapes it has maintained it’s beauty through the years, though many city folks have discovered it’s charms and lovely homes dot the landscape.


My Flower Garden This Spring

I really hadn’t had an  affinity for planting flowers and enjoyed coaxing them into displaying their magnificence in a vast array of configurations until my latter years, but I  believe it’s because of my proximity to growing things as this little farm girl in good ol’ Pa. It is my purpose in this writing to share as much of my life then and now ,as much for myself as for anyone who might enjoy reading it.

I might add that all that digging in the dirt causes my hands to dry out and become irritated . I’ve found that Satin Hands has helped me immensely. I originally found the hand treatment great while I was still working as a Registered Nurse. The job required more than frequent hand with me 24/7 at