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Oh Goody, Another Chandelier

a great deal at $45 ,lovely detail
built the candle holder around candle screw- in base

I found another chandelier!..A decorative element that is really in but thought again because of expense would never indulge in. This one is old probably early 1900’s and is gold washed brass. My husband is not fond of having large holes in the ceiling nor did I want to pay an electrician for rewiring so as before I took all the wiring out.
I happened to have on hand some flicker battery operated candles. They supposedly would burn for 700hours which should be quite suitable as they wouldn’t be on except for special occasions.The cups that would hold the candles however were too shallow to hold them securely…what to do? Then I remembered my favorite product epoxy,the kind that is doughy and you rub it between your hands to mix it.

original candles had a celluloid that fit nicely on replacement candle
the finished product

I built the candle holders up around the bottom of the candle,(which could be unscrewed,) ¬†with the epoxy and then applied an antique gold color to epoxy called Rub’n Buff. It is a really neat product that you just rub on with your finger. It’s lucky I have my husband to restrain me because I like the way this stuff looks so much that I would be probably layering antique Rub ‘n Buff all over the place.

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