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Growing Old Gracefully?!!! Not! #3 (What are the Best Products for Skin Care and Why)

        In previous posts”Growing Old Gracefully#1 and #2″, I discussed problems that I faced as I matured and what I needed to do to counteract the aging process. The immediate question that arises is what are the best products for skin care. Because I had already been introduced to the Timewise Miracle Set  and because I had… Read more →

Surviving Global Warming ?!! Victorian Style!

Summer Breadspreads Victorians as well as their predecessors suffered greatly from the heat. Just think, no air condition or even electric fans…so they were very inventive in minimizing the effect’s of  the summer heat. The houses became very hot during the day so often you would see trees planted around them not only for the aesthetics  of it but also to create… Read more →

Of Quilts and Quilters

. Proverbs 31:13 She seeketh wool ,and flax,and worketh willingly with her hands.31;18b,19 Her candle goeth not out by night.She layeth her hand to thespindle and her hands hold the distaff. Cathedral window,very difficult, made by my mom Quilts or coverlets have been the end product of women’s endeavors to properly decorate   the family beds for centuries. Most in the very early… Read more →

Believe it or not an Antique Sofa for $30

What $30 Can buy You These Days! Just taking some time to share with you my love for collecting ,in general ,and Victoriana specifically. Still fitting in some time for my treasure hunting hobby, I drove past one of my fave thrift stores “The Collectibles  Store, across the street from my favorite Goodwill, and sitting in  front was a small… Read more →

Am I Blue

Am I Blue In the early 1980’s the country was swept with nostalgia for all things related to early American. This was due to the popular programs of “The Walton’s” and the Depression Era,” The Wild Wild West” and other programs of it’s genre’ and the Victorian Era and “Little House on the Prairie”and the Country fad. I have have been enamored… Read more →

Growing Old Gracefully?!!!Not!

Hi Everyone! I want to share with you my experience in discovering the best” anti aging skin care” ever. As the years progressed in my life I began to notice some changes taking place especially in my skin( don’t we all).I noticed that my skin color became dull and grayish in appearance , along with the obvious encroaching wrinkles.To my… Read more →

Decorating for a Pittance

I shared in my profile my love for antiques. I will be sharing in the future my adventures in procuring them on a meager budget. In my early married years I became enamored with anything old,be it country, Victorian or just collectible. I soon became discouraged at ever being a collector as I  perused antique shops with their high prices that… Read more →