Mary Kay

Woo Hoo…I Won!!

This past weekend , I attended our annual Mary Kay Career Conference. I have to admit it was inspiring and one of the best I had ever attended. In the front of the auditorium was a huge media screen upon what would flash all the names of the speakers along with brief training and motivating videos. Now , traditionally interspersed… Read more →

Can the Leopard Change His Spots…No, But I Can

Thanks to Mary Kay concealer, I can certainly hide them with minimal effort. Just a tiny dot on any skin discoloration will effectively hide those spots that appear on your face due to sun exposure etc.  It is also a great tool for toning down redness that many women are plagued with. All women young and old are plagued by… Read more →

Growing Old Gracefully ! Not!!!#5

On previous blogs in the series I discussed the necessities for caring for aging skin or for any skin for that matter. I discussed cleansing, exfoliation, and toning. All 3 steps are included  in one application of Mary Kay’s innovative Timewise  Cleanser, a part of the Timewise Miracle Set, the best anti aging skin care that I have experienced.It works!… Read more →