A Stroll Through Boston

Ames Hotel another Boston Adventure ,Nov 2011 Ames Hotel, Boston,Mass We decided  to take advantage of a relatively pleasant afternoon and visit the Ames Hotel. It was built for offices of the famed Ames Tool company ,who made their initial fortune by coming up with a top notch shovel,just at the beginning of industialization and the expansion west of the… Read more →

“My” Trip to Bountiful

   In April 2013 I finally made a successful trip to” The Eames Rock” as the local Framingham, Mass. news refers to it.”Traffic is backed up all the way to Eames Rock.” The Eames family except for Thomas and 4 children lost their lives here during the historical King Phillip”s War. My maiden name was Ames and DNA reveals a… Read more →

My Daughter the Pioneer Woman, or a New Respect for City Dwellers

Day 2 in Boston…. The skies are gray,rain is pouring and winds are blowing. Baby is sick. Daughter must go to CVS for prescription.Being the protective mother,I offered to go along …to HELP.Ready set go! My daughter bundles baby,bundles herself and slips baby into a cocoon  like plastic covering over the stroller and patiently waits while I’m still bundling up… Read more →