great thrift store finds

Stained Glass in All It’s Glory

Stained Glass windows and How to Mount Them Without Using Screws,Nails, or Carpentry..Great For Renters What is a victorian home without stained glass windows. Unless you are one that is blessed with one of these sources of great beauty already installed, you will have to scour various shops and thrift stores until you find one. I have friends who create… Read more →

More About Vintage Lighting

Oh Goody, Another Chandelier a great deal at $45 ,lovely detail built the candle holder around candle screw- in base I found another chandelier!..A decorative element that is really in but thought again because of expense would never indulge in. This one is old probably early 1900’s and is gold washed brass. My husband is not fond of having large… Read more →

And There Was Light

Luscious Luminaries of Victoriana purchased from Salvation Army for $59 for 2 of these, appraised for $800 brass hand held candle holder, handle behind reflector close up of lamp below 7.99 Goodwill women made these crystal beaded covers to hide the plain bulbs of early fixtures holder not old but found great use for my depression Ruby glass goblets actually… Read more →

Mantel Mania

    Victorian furniture left us with the unique and lovely heritage of the ornate mantel. They were usually mirrored and ensconced within a lovely carved frame with various sizes of shelves positioned in strategic positions on the lovely old wood. The mirrors were beveled which offers a clue if the mirror on a mantel has been replaced. Nevertheless replaced… Read more →

Tea for Me

Oh my! How in the World Can I Serve Tea?and How to remove water marks from old furniture!

Isn’t this every lady’s dilemma? Well, it probably was for many Victorian Ladies….so you just know it was a great dilemma for me, I serve tea so often,   in my Victorian fantasies at least.
Little did I know that the answer was waiting for me just inside the Salvation Army Boutique. Now you know when boutique is added on to the store logo that there resides within it’s confines articles that are deemed to elicit a little higher price point than the rock bottom prices found in the main store.
Well there she stood,a rather forlorn soul with no rubber tires on her wheels a few chips in her veneer and worst of all,under her removable glass tray total white out. Evidently moisture had collected under the glass and caused the shellac finish to turn white. This is a fairly common dilemma especially for older shellac finish furniture.In fear and trepidation I gingerly picked up the price tag which revealed to me it’s “boutique “price,$125.00 and no senior discount in the “boutique”.My fears were not unfounded.
As I debated the purchase the deciding factor was that in all my searches I had never seen one before. Those I had seen were newer vintage and bore prices up to hundreds of dollars.
The decision was made , I purchased the tea cart and happily brought it home. The water marks covered easily under the tray with a piece of lace and vintage greeting cards. The wheels’ rubber tires were replaced with a black electrical cord glued on with liquid nails and the few veneer chips were camouflaged with a furniture scratch repair pen.It looked great. You may question the look of electric cords to replace it’s old hard rubber tires but I just saw one in OLD TOWN ORANGE for hundreds of dollars and I honestly could not tell the difference.

Hebrews 13:2 be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
glass tray is removable for convenience in serving
really can’t tell the difference from the electric cord tires to the real ones!
My tea cart has drop leaves to increase the serving surface,note the vintage cards that I left under the tray, a great way to display them and no water marks!

Alas the water marks were still present. I had tried many remedies to no avail. All that was left was refinishing and this I didn’t care to do. Then one day a friend gave me a gift of Howard Orange Oil furniture polish. In my attempt to give my tea table a good cleaning,I noticed that the water marks were disappearing! What a great discovery! Now I can remove the lace cover up and my tea cart is least in my eyes…And best of all I can serve tea with great pride(in my fantasies , at least!)

Believe it or not an Antique Sofa for $30

What $30 Can buy You These Days! Just taking some time to share with you my love for collecting ,in general ,and Victoriana specifically. Still fitting in some time for my treasure hunting hobby, I drove past one of my fave thrift stores “The Collectibles  Store, across the street from my favorite Goodwill, and sitting in  front was a small… Read more →

Am I Blue

Am I Blue In the early 1980’s the country was swept with nostalgia for all things related to early American. This was due to the popular programs of “The Walton’s” and the Depression Era,” The Wild Wild West” and other programs of it’s genre’ and the Victorian Era and “Little House on the Prairie”and the Country fad. I have have been enamored… Read more →