Growing Old Gracefully ! Not!!!#5

On previous blogs in the series I discussed the necessities for caring for aging skin or for any skin for that matter. I discussed cleansing, exfoliation, and toning. All 3 steps are included  in one application of Mary Kay’s innovative Timewise  Cleanser, a part of the Timewise Miracle Set, the best anti aging skin care that I have experienced.It works! The cleanser must be applied morning and bedtime. and includes 3 time saving actions at once…cleansing, mask for exfoliation and toner.


The next important step in maintaining healthy glowing skin is moisturization…to return the natural oils removed from cleansing and to give skin youthful flexibility  diminishing and helping to prevent the further formation of wrinkles.

The last step in anti aging skin care is protection. Our faces are exposed to wind, sun, dust and all kinds of environmental attacks and adding a good moisturizer will do much to protect skin from all that.

Last but not least Mary Kay Miracle set includes a Day Solution, with SPF which we all know is needed for sun protection plus included in this lotion are all kinds of antioxidant and nourishing additives, for daytime and Night solution for night  time. We lose most of the moisture from our skin at night and this solution will help to protect skin from moisture loss plus adding other important protective ingredients.


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