A Stroll Through Boston

Ames Hotel another Boston Adventure ,Nov 2011

Ames Hotel, Boston,Mass

We decided  to take advantage of a relatively pleasant afternoon and visit the Ames Hotel. It was built for offices of the famed Ames Tool company ,who made their initial fortune by coming up with a top notch shovel,just at the beginning of industialization and the expansion west of the United States and right around the Civil War..Only the outside bears any resemblance to it’s origins,as it is now a ultra modern boutique hotel inside. I did get an Ames hat,though maybe $20.00 was a bit much for it.

detail of the Ames Building..right accross from the Old State House where The Declaration of Independance was first read.

For those of you who don’t know, my maiden name was Ames. These Ames however were another Ames branch,although there is some speculation they were cousins.My ancestors originated in Framingham and I hope to visit there tomorrow.

One of the period dressed tour guides that you see around the city

We decided to take a stroll down state street and I am including some more beautiful Boston pictures.

the Customs House…until this was built ,the Ames house,built in 1898, was considered the tallest skyscraper in Boston
A park was created in the spot where an elevated road way went through Boston. This roadway was replaced by The Big Dig, a tunnel and a source of great pride and accomplishment for Bostonians. The pillars light up in multi changing colors similar to the columns in LAX

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