Believe it or not an Antique Sofa for $30

What $30 Can buy You These Days!

Just taking some time to share with you my love for collecting ,in general ,and Victoriana specifically.
Still fitting in some time for my treasure hunting hobby, I drove past one of my fave thrift stores “The Collectibles  Store, across the street from my favorite Goodwill, and sitting in  front was a small Eastlake sofa. The upholstery looked old and worn but the wood frame was in good condition
and it seemed solid enough.I could just envision that sofa for one of my guest rooms.
So ,just out of curiosity,I entered the store and inquired from the elderly entrepreneur what he would ask for that sofa outside. Imagine my amazement when he answered $30.
Now I had a problem, how to get that sucker problem..for one who has tied things on top of cars etc. to transport treasures. So..we loaded it into my Camry trunk (don’t ask me how) and secured it with that great modern invention ,a bungi cord.
After tearing  off the old upholstery it was discovered that parts of the frame needed reinforcing so with the help of my husband we were able to bring it back to pretty much it’s original stable condition.
After a few hours of staplegunning upholstery and hot gluing braid  I was rewarded with the finished product shown above.
Now my husband feels so invested in the sofa’s reformation ,he insists it should remain in the living room,not  out of sight in one of the bedrooms..we’ll see….p.s. one of my favorite things on this sofa are the original brass and ceramic casters.

Would love to hear about some of your great finds.

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